Errors in Vue Development

Some problems and solutions I encountered during the use of vue.

Posted by Dusign on 2019-12-21
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1、Problem: (TypeScript)using a.b or this.b

ERROR: property 'b' does not exist on value of type

Solution: change a or this to (a as any) or (this as any)

2、Problem: using js or jquery to modify DOM’s css value doesn’t work

Solution: mount Js functions in mounted instead of created

3、Problem: DOM does not change after changing data

Solution: using this.$set(Object, 'key', value) instead of this.Object.key = value

4、Problem: (TypeScript)using
document.getElementsByClassName('CLASS_NAME')[key].style.ATTRIBUTE = VALUE or document.querySelector('.CLASS').style.ATTRIBUTE = VALUE

ERROR: property 'style' does not exist on type 'Element'.Vetur(2339)

Solution: usign (document.querySelector('.CLASS') as HTMLElement).style.ATTRIBUTE = VALUE; or jQuery

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